How To Really Win The War On Terrorism

Tom Cruise cry’s in the movie ‘Lions for Lambs’, Do you want to win the war on terror… Yes or No. The movie is good but really fluff in regards to how to really win the war on terrorism.

This article is about what major security holes that currently exist in America and finally what we need to do to really win the war on terrorism.

There are 11 Major Security Holes cited by security experts that are possible scenarios in the near future. They are found in the book by Clark Kent Ervin titled ‘Open Target, Where America is Vunerable to Attack’ published in 2006.

According to Mr. Ervin, the following areas need to be watched carefully for terrorist activities as there are many weak and vulnerable areas that could trigger another major terrorist attack.

Border Security
Port Security
Mass Transit

The book is a chilling reminder that it’s pretty obvious that the nation is still very unprepared to respond to another catastrophic terrorist attack. If terrorists had targeted the levees in New Orleans, the government’s response would be have been no quicker and more effective than that of Hurricane Katrina. It is very important that every major city have a well devised evacuation plan.

The chain of command must be very clear. First responders must be able to communicate with each other and with state and federal officials. Drills and exercises must be conducted frequently. Lessons learned must lead to prompt corrective action.

After having said that we now present the Mobile Tactical Collaboration System ™ by Ordia Solutions. The Mobile Tactical Collaboration System ™ is enabling commanders to know where their operators are, their speed and direction of travel. Operators have an added sense of safety knowing their moves are being monitored by their command staff during high risk and high threat operations. The MTCS system gives a clear cut chain of command and allows the edge in a crisis situation.

Smaller than a set of keys, the AdvanTraq GPS Tracker which is a major component of the MTCS, can be affixed to an officer’s gun belt or radio harness, or with extended battery, to a vehicle.

The Mobile Tactical Collaboration System; integrated with advanced personnel tracking system AdvanTraq GPS deliver visual tactical interoperable communication, common operating picture, and real-time command and control situational awareness to multi-jurisdictional and multidisciplinary federal, state and local security taskforce handling dignitary protection and critical infrastructure protection at the US Naval Academy for US President George W. Bush, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Middle East Quartet Envoy Tony Blair, and dozens of other world leaders at Mideast Peace Conference.

The Annapolis Conference was designated a Special Event Activity Report (SEAR) Level 2 security special event, a Department of Homeland Security designation that assesses the availability of federal, state, and local law enforcement resources in combination with the perceived threat level to the event. The State Departments Bureau of Diplomatic Security was the lead federal law enforcement agency for the Conference and worked with a multi-jurisdictional taskforce that included the US Secret Service, FBI, US Marshals Service, ATF, US Coast Guard, Maryland State Police, Anne Arundel County Police, Annapolis Police, Prince George’s County Police, Metropolitan DC Police, and other federal, state, and local agencies. The FBI contingent hosted Ordia Solutions Mobile Tactical Collaboration System throughout the conference.

Within minutes of their short MTCS orientation, several FBI operators began redrawing their sector of operation at the US Naval Academy grounds from the static, paper-based operational map they were handed to dynamic and interactive MTCS workspaces on their wireless mobile computers. AdvanTraq GPS units were assigned to several members of the taskforce both in mobile land units and aboard tactical response boats so they could be tracked in their security details inside and outside the security zone. One of the tactical team leaders was equipped with a one-pound OQO model 02, the world’s smallest full-featured ultra-mobile handheld PC, displaying his MTCS workspace.

When report of a potential threat location came to the Interagency Command Center, a quick reaction team was dispatched to investigate, with one of the members equipped with an AdvanTraq GPS unit.

The QRTs approach and return was tracked by personnel from both the ICC and Tactical Operation Center, providing added security and personnel accountability for the operators, and real-time situational awareness for commanders and other senior leadership at division headquarters.

SWAT teams tested out the Mobile Tactical Collaboration System in field conditions, both in mobile land units and aboard our tactical response boat. To put it in a nutshell, the MTCS gave authorities command and control capability that Hollywood has attributed to law enforcement tactical units for many years, but in truth we are only now realizing.

The importance of knowing, in real time, exactly where all of SWAT forces are deployed in relation to the incident site(s), infrastructure, support elements, and each other, and being able to share that common operating picture in real time with the chain of command and other agencies was critical in preventing another terrorist attack.

Best of all, personnel could brief those who needed the information without having to physically meet each time there was a change or update. With the MTCS system you just provided them with a website address, username and password.

The MTCS is a quantum leap forward in Government agencies ability to monitor and brief operations up the chain and to other agency representatives to help prevent the next major terrorist attack.

GLC Enterprises, Inc., is based in Illinois. Find Information about how Ordia Solutions and GLC Enterprises are using GPS Tracking to provide the superior Homeland Security at

Article Source: How To Really Win The War On Terrorism

How To Really Win The War On Terrorism
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How To Really Win The War On Terrorism
Tom Cruise cry's in the movie 'Lions for Lambs', Do you want to win the war on terror... Yes or No. The movie is good but really fluff in regards to how to really win the war on terrorism.
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