Dream Power–Awakening Your Inner Nuclear Bomb

When I was a kid, boy could I dream.

I was going to play professional football, be a cop, and a rock star. Well, at least when I wasn’t busy with my boxing career, or wowing the world with my latest scientific breakthrough. But then . . .

As an adult, the world tries to dampen my dreams. Dreaming is frowned upon, in favor of being a productive member of some team, like a hive of worker bees. Who has time to dream anymore when you’re working sixty and seventy-hour weeks and still barely keeping your head above water? You’re reaching, grasping . . .

It’s times like these, however, when dreaming is most important. Dreaming, you see, projects the kind of life that you want. It drives you. Without dreams, life is a dull gray, maybe with different shades here and there, but still void of any color. It’s ugly, but that’s not all.

If you don’t dream, you just accept whatever comes your way.

I once worked for a large department store chain. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. Most of the employees had given up. They had accepted that nine dollars an hour was all they would ever be worth. They were zombies, always talking about the same things, doing the same, menial crap every day without much appreciation. Modern day slaves. Most weren’t young.

You could look at their faces and know that their dreams had been stripped away like a favorite toy taken from a child. The rainbow that once defined their lives had been turned to ash. It seemed like many just waited to die. Some actually did so.

Without dreams, you’ve got nothing to look forward to. Today is the same as yesterday, and tomorrow’s looking to be about the same. In five years, all that’s changed is the numbers of gray hairs and wrinkles.

Dreams, on the other hand, explode your life in raging color. If followed through, they crash though obstacles like an out of control freight train. Literally nothing can stop your dreams from becoming reality at that point.

To be able to tear your old world into tiny pieces, your dreams must be clear. I’m talking super vivid. I’m not talking about being vague, like winning the lottery or of being swept away by Prince Charming. That’s not dreaming, that’s wishing. Wishes are fuzzy, without definition. Dreams, the powerful kind, are crystal clear and to the point.

Properly focused, your dreams can make you skip over obstacles like a flat stone over a smooth pond. They are, without a doubt, the most powerful creative force in the Universe. Nothing can affect your future as much as your ability to dream.

Think about this for a moment. This means that if you can dream, your childhood becomes a non-factor. The part of the country or world you’re from means absolutely nothing. This is so, because dreaming overrides all of it.

I’m not saying that once you start dreaming, your life will automatically improve. Far from it. It’s essential, however, to keep the end result in mind until it actually arrives.

Think about long distance runners. I know that when I’m running, I absolutely hate it. I’m out of breath, my legs hurt, and my mind grows restless. But if I keep the benefits of cardio health and weight management in mind, I understand why I do what I do. I’m dreaming of the end result.

If you dream consistently and make your dreams vivid, your success is virtually assured.

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Article Source: Dream Power–Awakening Your Inner Nuclear Bomb

Dream Power--Awakening Your Inner Nuclear Bomb
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Dream Power--Awakening Your Inner Nuclear Bomb
When I was a kid, boy could I dream. I was going to play professional football, be a cop, and a rock star.
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